Morning Delight

Enjoy a series of bakery products with traditional references for those who want a morning awakening closer to Greek culture.

Homemade pies, kneaded breads and pastries, all baked in our traditional wood oven, are prepared daily and reach your table with care. With emphasis in preparation of our products, with use only pure raw materials to ensure the highest quality at your table.

In “Koukos” multipurpose area every bite of your breakfast is made with care and attention to detail.


A unique experience of quality brunch with Greek and European tastes reaches your table.

Choose among healthy choices such as avocado toast with poached egg, or the egg white omelet garnished as you wish. For a tastier breakfast try the famous Croque Madame or one of our special sandwiches with brisket or pork.

Complete your morning tasty experience with sweet options. Fluffy pancakes with fruits and whipped cream or chocolate and lemon tarts with butter crust are some of your options for a sweet beginning of the day…

Evening Delight

A great variety of snacks are available also for your evening delight.

Whether you want a filling burger, made from fine raw materials, or a classic club sandwich with quality materials and crispy seasonal vegetables, in “Koukos” it is certain that you will find a snack that will fit your nutritional habits.

For those who want a simpler savory option to continue their walk in the city, homemade sandwiches are the ideal choice. From classic combinations up to more creative selections in “Koukos” snack bar there is always something for everyone.

Gift yourself a small evening delight.