“Koukos” is a landmark for Rhodes, known for its warm and welcoming atmosphere. Its doors opened for the first time in 1999 as a traditional “kafenio” [café] with strong identity, creating a meeting place for all ages.

The love for vintage items and the respect to history of this land created an authentic area full of antiques that bridged the gap between tradition and new generation. In “Koukos” guests could enjoy a traditional Greek coffee in chovoli, while in the evening tables were full of wine accompanied by various meze.

The passion for growth and the successful course of “Koukos”, gradually updated the services of the company. Thus, through years the area was expanded and got a yard and an oven, while currently it is a multipurpose area that includes various services and comforts for guests who can appreciate good things.

From the special suites of the guesthouse, the elegant restaurant, the café, the bar, the new spa area, up to the safety offered by the private parking area, “Koukos” has something for everyone.

The neoclassical building, inspired by the Italian architecture, was built in 1900 and was named after the clock – koukos [cuckoo], which is positioned at the entrance and once belonged to the owner’s father.

Today, visitors can enjoy a taste of the traditional Greek culture, as well as a series of modern comforts and services. Whether you want to relax with a cup of coffee, enjoy a meal or just explore the charming atmosphere of an exceptional accommodation, Koukos is the ideal destination for all day moments and unforgettable experiences.