The neighborhood of Niochori has a unique place in the island’s history. After the ottoman occupation of the city in 1522, the Greek castle city passed to the ottoman domination, leading to the relocation of the Greek Rhodian neighborhoods outside the walls of the Old Town. In response, the island’s residents were gathered in eight suburbs, known as the “marasia” around the Old Town.

This name emerged by the Turkish word “maras” which means suburb. Each neighborhood had one central church that used to be the “square” of the settlement and the houses of the Turkish officers were scattered in every suburb to gain control. The word “marasia” has become synonym of the neighborhoods created around the Old Town after the Ottoman occupation.

At the northern tip of the island, on the 18th century, the eighth and newer marasi of Rhodes was created, Niochori. This neighborhood quickly stand out from the other suburbs due to its privileged position and the impressive buildings that decorated it. In Niochori consulates, public buildings and hotels were built and residencies of diplomats and embassies were constructed, making it up to this date the most cosmopolitan neighborhood of the island.

At the Heart of the City

The multipurpose building of “Koukos” is located at the heart of the city of Rhodes, at a privileged position, providing easy access to sights – reference points of the island. Whether you wish to explore the rich history and culture of the island, discover the city of Rhodes, enjoy a walk at the beaches of the island, or just relax at a beach gazing the crystal blue waters of the Aegean, “Koukos” is the ideal place for your stay in Rhodes.

A popular tourist destination known for its beautiful beaches, ancient history and its rich culture, ready to be discovered.

When you take a walk to Mandraki, the busiest spot of the island you will feel the city vibes. A walk next to the sea will bring you closer to places of the island worth visiting.

As you cross this pleasant route, you will meet the statue of Diagoras. Your steps will bring you closer to buildings of Italian and Ottoman architecture that decorate the city center providing a cosmopolitan style.

As you pass by the famous sea trampoline, you will admire the Fortress of Agios Nikolaos, and when you finally reach the church of Evangelismos you will meet the pillars with the male and female deer, the symbols of the island which used to be called Elafousa in the past. It is said that at this point Colossus of Rhodes, one of the 7 wonders of the world was located, while the new historians locate it in the Old Town.

If you walk few meters further, you will see the Wind Mills and then you will reach a route that will lead you outside the walls of the Medieval City, as you walk at the graphic wooden deck of the port.

In the Old City of Rhodes, also known as Medieval City, World Heritage Monument of UNESCO, various historic and cultural sights wait to be discovered.

Wander in the Palace of the Grand Magister, cross the historic Street of Knights and the Rhodian Arch, and enjoy a trip to the island’s history.

For those who love watching sunsets, enjoy the enchanting view of Monte Smith, as then sun takes sanguine colors.

Book your stay in Rhodes at the best location in the island.