Seferis Suite

An architectural trip through time, for those who love old things but enjoy the new…

Welcome to Seferis suite, an elegant and comfortable choice for your holidays.
Smartly planned and delicately decorated, Seferis suite has everything required for a pleasant stay. With traditional references and the stone element predominating, it offers to its guests a cozy area with the character of an elegant traditional house.

The window allows the entry of natural light, creating a bright and airy space, while the comfortable bed with linen by Coco-mat provides comforts of modern luxury. The luxurious sense is completed by the stone decorated Jacuzzi, an ideal option to feel moments of island prosperity.

The experience of Seferis suite is upgraded by the stone eco fireplace ideal for cold nights.

Check-in: 3:00 pm
Check-out: 11:00 am
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Room Details
  • Capacity: 1-2 people
  • Room Size: 52 sq.m
  • Double Bed
  • Bathroom with shower
  • Interior jacuzzi
  • Eco-stone fireplace